Impact of Coal Industry on Steel Industry


Process of steel production

First, let us begin with understanding the role of coal in steel production. The type of coal used in this princess is called metallurgic coal (met coal) or coking coal. It is different than the commonly used thermal coal for energy or heat generation. Coking coal is purer than thermal coal.

Three roles of Coal in steel production

1. It plays the role of a reducing agent. As in, it reduces the Pig Iron into pure coke.

Current scenario

As India gears up to compete and regain its once strong foothold in the global market of steel, the productions are on the rise and are expected to go higher. Given our current technological advancements, we as a developing country can not even think of replacing coal with any other modern or environment-friendly element that can act as an alternative.


Coal industries will most definitely face fundamental and structural changes which will directly impact the steel industry in the future but for now, we can conclude that the government aims to stick to the traditional methods and exhaust as many resources before changing its ways as possible.



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